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Established in 2011, Henley Care provides weekly and daily visits in Henley-on-Thames, as well as providing live-in care throughout Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. Henley Care has already acquired a reputation amongst county council providers for caring for persons requiring round-the-clock complex home care by teams of nurses and carers. We are fast expanding and moved recently to new areas such as London, Newbury, Oxford. 

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Our approach 


We work directly with persons or families as well as local authority care providers and currently employ over 30 carers with clients throughout the three counties. Importantly all our carers are direct employees of Henley Care and not freelance staff. Client welfare is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to ensure our carers go above and beyond the basic requirements.



Dear Izabela, 

You and your staff have now looked after me for quite a long time. 

I have always found that your staff have been completely professional and always cheerful. They have always arrived at their stated times and have always done their jobs to my complete satisfaction.

 In fact I always look forward to their visits. 

 Yours sincerely, 


Dear Izabela,

I must say that all your carers did some excellent work. They clearly looked after my mother with kindness and were very thorough with their record keeping, which was useful for me to be able to refer to.

Kind regards,


Dear staff at Henley Care,

I should like to thank you and the various carers of your Agency for the excellent care and help they have given to us from the beginning of September to the middle of January.

 They were meticulous in their work, kind, always encouraging to my husband, gentle and if needed found subtle ways to be firm and really nurse him back to independence.

 They also had a wonderful sense of humour and for me it was a ‘tonic’ to talk to them first thing in the morning, perhaps after a difficult night. Ch….. also liked them very much and was glad and grateful for their help.

 In spite of the difficulties it was a good time with them and I should like to thank each one for the individual care and contribution to my husband getting so much better.

 We wish all ‘our carers’ K….. and you every blessing for the future. 

With kind regards 

Mrs H.D  

Hi Izabela

 It is very sad that I will see an end to our time as a client of Henley Care Agency.

 We have been looked after by you and all of the staff at your company in a fantastic manner. I have loved the compassion and warmth shown by all of the staff we have met, A, C, N and yourself have never made it feel like you are just doing a job. We have been met with such kindness and support throughout the 6 months of working together, P…… felt comfortable with all of you and had some superb times of fun with people she got to know as friends.

 The last 6 months of P’s life were much richer for the support she received.

 Kind Regards



Live-In Care



Where someone requires live in care we endeavour to make the arrangements in such a way that having a carer in your home is as easy as possible and causes the minimum disruption but with the maximum benefit in terms of help and assistance for the person being cared for. Again we endeavour to match the carer with the person being looked after so that the two will get along well together and so that the carer can also provide a degree of companionship.


Respite Care

Anyone involved in caring for a friend or loved one knows how utterly exhausting this can be and how essential it is to have a break. Henley Care provides experienced carers that can work alongside whomever is currently providing care in order to familiarise themselves with the clients systems, procedures and preferences. This makes for a seamless transition when the regular carer / family member goes for a much needed break confident in the knowledge that their charge or loved one is in the best of hands.


Night Care

Henley Care is also pleased to provide cover at night where required either as what we term as 'waking nights' where the carer is available to be woken throughout the night should the need arise or, alternatively, where the carer is awake and looking after the client throughout the night. Henley Care also has a range of equipment designed to alert the carer should the client need to get up during the night.


Convalescence Care

Recovering from any operation or periods of hospitalisation can be a difficult time and Henley Care prides itself on being able to make that transition from hospital to home as smooth and safe as possible. This typically involves the continuing of drug therapies as well as physiotherapy and special exercises in order to encourage full recovery and mobility. Where appropriate Henley Care often starts the process in the hospital, or care home, working alongside other nurses in order to fully understand what will be required when the person comes home.


Domiciliary Care

In addition to providing specialist care and nursing cover Henley Care is also pleased to provide less formal domiciliary care and companionship for when those household tasks are just getting a bit too much and when a little help with washing and dressing and shopping would be invaluable. As in every case we go to particular efforts to try and match the domiciliary carer / companion with the person needing the help to ensure they get on well together and enjoy each other’s company.


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